Commercial Marble Installation in Malden

Let’s be honest about it, when it comes to the most elegant and refined type of tiling material for commercial properties, nothing comes close to marble. The fact of the matter is that marble can seriously enhance the look and feel of your business. Yes, it is far from the cheapest tiling option on the market, but the important thing to remember is that marble will immediately enhance the value of your business, while not compromising on any of the more practical requirements of a commercial tile.

At CEPM Granite and Quartz Inc., we are specialists in the design and installation of tiles of all shapes and sizes in commercial properties across Malden. If you want the most superior tiling service in for your restaurant, repair store or real estate office, then you need to contact the professional service you can rely on today. Don’t take chances with sub-standard teams when the number one option is here for you to use. Call us today, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Professional Marble Polishing from CEPM Granite and Quartz Inc.

If there is one aspect of the commercial marble installation process that is most misunderstood, then it is marble polishing. Many people believe that the shine on marble is a result of applying a chemical lotion that can be done by yourself, while others believe that marble is meant to be completely smooth and polished all over and any dull etches are stains that shouldn’t be there. The reality of the situation is that while there is some truth to these statements, neither assumption is fully true.

The simple fact of the matter is that all the elbow-grease and good-will is not sufficient to create a polished finish for a marble floor, wall or countertop. To put it simply this is not a DIY job and needs to be left to the professionals. To get the true shiny and smooth finish you need to invest in a professional service. On top of that, etches or less smooth parts of marble are natural and not symptomatic of stains that need to be repaired.

What Is Marble Made Of?

While there are many people who are unfamiliar at the touch appearance or appearance of marble, the fact is that many business owners in Malden are not fully aware of where marble comes from or what it is made of. In reality, marble is a very simple stone. It comes from the limestone family and every slab of marble is completely unique. Usually, marble has a more consistent and clearer color than other tiling types such as granite, and it is easily identifiable by its smooth feel.

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You wouldn’t buy a used car from a dealership that you didn’t trust so why would you invest in a sub-standard tiling team if you want a superior commercial marble installation service. Don’t take this chance, instead call CEPM Granite and Quartz Inc. today.